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If you have a website in different languages and you want to have a presence in different countries, it is essential to take into account international SEO.

Our team will prepare a set of strategies and actions to position a website outside the country of origin.

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Can I rank in Google?

Of course; but only with a proper SEO strategy you will be able to achieve the web positioning results you expect.

The factors that influence the correct SEO positioning of a website are multiple, but undoubtedly, what will help you to position better in search engines will be the quality of your content; in fact, the more they meet the needs of your customers, you will position yourself better. Search engines respond to algorithms, and an algorithm is still a mathematical process, however the more natural your content are, it will be easier to position your website; Google likes fresh content, of course, and so do you readers and customers.

Search Engine Optimization

You have to be unique, natural and different, the more the better; from this premise positioning your website in search engines will be much easier. Nowadays web positioning no longer takes in account the use of keywords as much as in the past, today search engines use new formulas to determine the positioning of a web page, the coincidence in the text with the search terms is one of the main innovations that Google has incorporated to decide the positioning of certain keywords.

Positioning a website in the different search engines, and specially in Google is not an easy task, as there are many factors to take into account; however, our SEO Agency method will take you to the top positions of the search engines in the shortest possible time, you will see the visits to your website increase exponentially, and in turn these visits will become sales for your company.

It doesn’t matter if you want to position a blog, an online shop or corporate; if your customers can’t find you, you don’t exist, the second page of results is no longer an option for your business. Let us help you with the positioning of your website; our work method will surprise you and will give you the expected results.

I could give you a thousand and one diagrams of how we work with SEO, but that’s what all the SEO experts in the world do, and that’s why our SEO agency in Barcelona is different, because we do our job well, and above all because our methods of positioning web pages in search engines are different.

We work to please Google, that’s obvious, but above all we work to make your customers like you, because they will be the ones who will give you the necessary popularity to appear in the top search positions and get a good web positioning, if the keywords for which your future customers are looking for you, place you above position number 10 in the search engine results, you simply do not exist, you have no visibility and there are at least ten reasons for them no to hire you or not to buy your products.

We analyze your competition, and based on the analysis and the results of the diagnosis, a SEO positioning work plan must be drawn up for the correct positioning of your website, which will take more or less time depending on the difficulty of your main keywords.

Without a prior web positioning diagnosis it is not possible to do a good job, and that is precisely where our SEO positioning agency starts to work, in detail, with realistic possibilities, and with a result adjustment for fully targeted search engines. It is not about achieving organic web positioning at any price, it is about knowing the real possibilities to achieve it and that is one of the main virtues of our SEO agency.

  • Better organic web positioning even the most complex cases.
  • SEO team always online to answer you questions about positioning.
  • SEO Consultant at your disposal to know how the positioning of your website is going at all times.
  • Periodic reports of the status of the work carried out for the positioning of your website.
  • Unique SEO strategies for each client.
    • Exclusive content strategy
    • Linkbuilding
    • SEO and SEM strategies

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