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What makes Jardin de Ideas a different kind of Online Marketing Agency?

We are a different kind of Digital Marketing Agency, we work for and by our clients, in an agile and fresh way. We have the best professionals in the sector and external collaborators that allow us to offer absolutely all the digital marketing services that a company may need.

We adapt to your budget, having a presence on the Internet does not have to be expensive.

We will always look for the best option for your interests.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Shall we talk about your project?
I’m sure we can achieve the results you expect.

Services of our Digital Marketing Agency

We develop products, services and digital experiences; focusing our activity on the habits and needs of a new consumer in constant evolution.

SEO Internacional .

If your business extends beyond our borders, you definitely need our International SEO service.

Do you want to grow?

We position you in any country.

SEO Nacional .

You have customers, but you need more, we can help you.

Do you want to grow?

We reach your customers.

SEO Local .

They know you in your neighborhood, but what about further afield?

Do you want your neighbors to find you?

There are many customers near you.

Vender en AMAZON

Your Online Store is not selling what you expected.

Want to sell on Amazon?

Our E-Commerce strategies will surprise you.

Publicidad en Google

Immediate results?

Want to sell more?

Start selling without waiting for your web positioning to improve.

Digital Marketing Agency

Motivated to offer the best of each and every one of us.


In our commitment to quality service, we understand that good customer service is vital to the success of any online marketing agency.


Our service does not stop, we are always there, when we are needed, our goal is to provide excellent service at the time our customer needs it.

Online presence

Your presence in the network will be constant within the planned strategy and the only way to achieve it is with constant, personalized and high quality work.


Our service formula is unique, distinguished, each customer is treated as a friend to be cared for, pampered and attended to at any time of the day.

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