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Hello! We are Jardín de Ideas

Hello! We are Jardín de Ideas

Digital Marketing agency

Digital marketing agency

We make brands shine and competitors feel envy.

We add value and offer the best results in your digital marketing actions. Getting results always has a cost and with us you will get the best results at the lowest possible cost.

We have a system that works, that we have been improving for years and that continues to improve day by day.

We allocate all the human and technical resources necessary for your company to achieve the results you expect. We have the best technology and a highly qualified team, with the necessary experience and the ability to add value to your business, because we like to do things well.

All these resources have a price, adjusted to the maximum, and you must have a budget for this investment. An investment that will undoubtedly return in the form of profits and much sooner than you imagine.

We have clients who have been trusting us for more than 10 years.

With our Agency you will get:

  • Your advertising campaigns at the best level of profitability.
  • Your positioning at the first level.
  • Your social networks giving shine to your brand.
  • Converting users into customers.
  • Greater profitability in the shortest time.

Do you know what makes us a different Online Marketing Agency?

Maximum return on your investment

We adapt to your budget, but your business must be able to invest in order to get the sales you expect. Our service is NOT cheap, but it IS very profitable.


To be found on the first page.


We are profitable from day one, we combine winning strategies.

Social Media

To make your brand shine.


To tell the world who are you.

  • Business expansion

Digital Marketing

We can help you to grow, progressively, with the most effective techniques and strategies on the market.

  • Market analysis

Digital communication

We identify business opportunities and propose the best strategy to attract more customers.

  • Ecommerce

We increase your online sales.

Today is no longer enough to have an online shop. Competition is hard, discover our formula to sell more and better.

Antonia Durán
Antonia Durán

Marketing expert

We get more customers for your brand

The objective is to attract and retain customers

We boost our clients results by optimising their growth potential.

We identify business opportunities, both online and offline. We prepare sales strategy and help to imporve all porcesses.

We build relationships

We help you to imporve your relationship with your cutomers

Efficient processes

If you don’t measure your processes, you can’t imporve them. We help you to implement customer relationship monitoring

Continuously learning

We don’t know more than anyone else. But we strive to understand each market and adapt the best possible strategy.

Marc Juli

“In a communication agency like ours, nothing make sense if you don’t have a porfessional and reliable SEO consultant by your side. After many years and many experiences, I dare to say that Jardín de Ideas is, by far, the BEST SUPPORT I have had when it comes to presenting a positioning project. Punctual (very much), responsive, in continuous training, and also a good person.
Thank you for your work Josep Mª. For many more projects by your side!

Marc Juli

CEO – eleven comunicación

We can demonstrate the full online potential of your business

Online marketing to get and retain customers, more leads, more sales. We are focused on your business.

josep programador

Josep M Martínez

Digital Màrqueting Consultant